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Nadia was born with a head of dark hair that quickly turned light. Same with both of the boys. And then there are those blue eyes to contend with on all three of my biological kids. They don’t really look like me. Maybe certain features (now that they’re older) — but their coloring? At first glance?




And while people have pointed these differences out and even questioned if I was their mother, it’s never phased me. And now that I’m an adoptive mom, it sort of feels like all that was practice — for what it would be like to know in my gut we belong together, despite how we look.


I’m over on Coffee+Crumbs today with an essay about Viv’s attachment to her stuffed bunny and how we’re all learning that we don’t need to resemble each other to be a family.


Click here to read.

Sonya Spillmann

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