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We all have our reasons for being where we are.

My mother grew up in a church tradition in Europe that lived out it’s faith in stark contrast to the opulence and often superficiality of the orthodox church. Their differences in faiths were most easily made known through outward appearance.

I grew up in a church that held onto these same traditions.

This isn’t a pointed finger. It’s an explanation of who I am and where I am.

This is an essay I thought I probably shouldn’t write, let alone see if I could get it published somewhere. But, as writing goes, it stayed with me till I wrote it. I pushed through my fear of “what will they say?” – because … well, because I wanted to say it. Out loud.


“Right in the middle of the acetone and fake fireplace and UV lights I want to tell her God wants her mind, her heart, her actions, her love to reflect Jesus. That freedom has set her free.

I want to tell her she doesn’t have to look the part—she is set apart.”


An essay about traditions, new and old, that you can read here on Off The Page. 

Sonya Spillmann

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