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Maybe a year ago, I heard two different translations in Greek (most likely at church) for the verb “to know.” One word conveys an understanding coming from proximity or exposure. The other translation means knowing comes from first hand, intimate knowledge.

Immediately — these ideas reminded me of motherhood.

It took me a while, but I finally got around to finishing an essay about this idea this spring and it went up on Coffee+Crumbs at the end of May. As I wrote it, learned there’s a third kind of knowing, too. (read on to find out what it is…)

Here’s an excerpt:

“I thought I knew what it was like to be a mom long before I was one.

I thought I knew, because I had years of practice. I’d listened and watched and copied (and eventually memorized) instructions that were written down on pieces of paper left on kitchen counters, ones with the number for poison control and the parents’ phones scratched on the top in purple crayon. I did what moms did.

But when I became a mom, it was like I knew nothing.

There is more than one kind of knowing, though. In fact, the Greek have multiple words for it. ”


To read the rest of the essay, please click here. 


As always, thank you for reading.



Sonya Spillmann

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