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A few weeks into the school year, as my kids and I walked down the street, a neighborhood friend drove past us and slowed to a stop at the corner. We shouted Hi’s and How Are You’s to each other, she out her car window, me from the sidewalk. I kissed my kids’ cheeks and sent them under the care of the crossing guard to the other side of the street and onto school property.

My friend turned from me to them and yelled in a ridiculously loud voice, “Have a great day Spillmann kids! Make good choices! Have fun! Be a friend, make a friend!” My kids, partly embarrassed, partly humored, partly feeling loved, smiled at her and back at me before turning up the stairs towards the school. (It’s nice to have mom friends who yell things like that to your kids, isn’t it?)

“I do that to my kids, too,” she said. Adding with a dry smile, “they love it.”

The next day, at drop off, I did the same thing (but not quite as loud).

“I love you! Make good choices! Have fun! Be a friend, make a friend!”

It was kind of a joke at first; it made for a fun send off.

But in the last couple of months, I’ve added to it and now it’s become somewhat of a chant . . .


. . . to read the rest of this essay, about the “songs” we sing to our children (the ones we want to sink deep into their hearts) click onto Coffee+Crumbs, where the full essay is published.


As always, thank you for reading. I’m so grateful.

Sonya Spillmann

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