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My husband and I were sharing a rare and brief Sunday afternoon moment, lying peacefully next to one another on our bed. Neither of us answered, thinking she might get distracted.

“MOOOOOOOOOM? Can I have some Cheez-its?” She found us.

“Jesus?” my husband answers. “Sure, honey, you can always have Jesus.”

“NO, Dad. CHEEZ-its.”

“Yes! Jesus!! Of course… you can have Jesus ANYtime.”

We crack up and she stomps her foot and huffs away (into the kitchen to get herself some Cheez-its, naturally).

A few years ago, you wouldn’t have found me laughing at this on a Sunday afternoon. I’d be frazzled and tired, knowing only an adult could get snacks for these little kids. I was in the middle of the chaos, when absolutely everyone needed me. (Not to mention the inherent craziness of living in a third story 900-square foot condo with two kids and a dog.)

Long nights bled into long days, which brings me to the present.

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Sonya Spillmann

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