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For six warp-speed hours every week, my youngest son is in preschool. Since he’s been my constant companion of the last four years, I’m overtly protective of this sacred time alone. I try to maximize my productivity while allowing an ever so slight width of margin … just in case something pops up.

Although I typically start adding to my Next Preschool Day agenda before the current one has ended, I found myself without a plan one random Tuesday a few months ago. Two confused hands on the steering wheel, my blinker on to turn left, I stared out the front window in shock: How can this be?

I always enjoy having time to write, but I bucked against the thought of going to the same ‘ol coffee shop up the road, the one I can literally (well, almost literally) throw a stone from when I’m in my driveway.

It’s a special free day! What a gift! Do something different! Low level “don’t waste this precious time” panic set it. A small roast-their-own-beans coffee shop I’d never been to popped into my head. It’s only a few miles away but across town. I’ve heard the coffee is excellent.

Give yourself permission, said a voice in my head.

With the flick of my wrist, I switched my blinker to signal a right hand turn and headed east to my destination.



To read more (and see why giving myself permission doesn’t always work out) click onto Coffee+Crumbs.


Sonya Spillmann


  1. Loved this!! I can so relate! I have 2 hours twice a week where both of mine are in school. It is wonderful, and I do try to give myself permission to do what I want to do- not what necessarily needs to be done.

    • Thank you! It’s a fine line for me (doing what I want vs. need) but one of the things I avoid like the plague is grocery shopping during pre-school time. I just can’t! Thanks for reading.

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