Low Country Boil

First up, a new favorite. Low Country Boil.

I was never been brave enough to try this myself, although I’ve enjoyed it with friends and family on numerous occasions. “It’s SO EASY!” everyone says.  (Sure it is. Buy who knows how much money’s worth of seafood, then throw it in a pot and pray to God it somehow comes out right.)

At the beach last month, my family was willing to let me try it. I had no backup plan so I really needed this to work. I read a bunch of recipes and reviews and put this in the category of “Everyone has their own version, the important part is the timing.”

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Low Country Boil  Serves 6,  30 min


2 lemons

¾-1c. Old Bay (essential!)

2 lbs kielbasa

6 ears of corn (could have done more, I think I might have actually used 7)

2lb shrimp**

bag of mussels

1 doz. clams

2-3lbs salt potatoes

2 onions, quartered

One 12oz Beer,  lager or whatever you have that’s not too heavy


  • In a HUGE pot, add 2-4c water, beer and Old Bay. Bring to a boil.
  • Add potatoes and lemons (note: I added lemons and onions to the water before it boiled. Not sure if it makes one bit of difference.)
  • Then throw in kielbasa and onions.
  • Add Mussles, clams, and shrimp.

Check it. (I checked and shrimp were still half grey and OH MY GOSH, EVERYONE IS STARVING, AUGH!) Put the lid right back on, say a prayer, and wait another 3-5min. The steam cooks the seafood, so just be patient and leave that lid on. Shrimp will be opaque, clams and mussels will open when done.

  • Drain. (*BE CAREFUL – Hot and Steamy. Dont burn yourself). Put all back in pot.
  • Dump all onto picnic table covered with newspaper or butcher paper. (Did I mention this is best to eat outside?)
  • Serve with beer and melted butter. Eat with your hands. Have napkins handy. Enjoy with family and friends.

This fed 6 hungry full size adults.  (*kids ate chicken nuggets and some of the sausage.)

**I bought shrimp with shells on, then spent WAY too long peeling and deveining them. Either buy them already done or just throw them in, as is.


Sonya Spillmann

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