I Take Back Everything I Said About Summer — Coffee + Crumbs —

How’s your summer going?  Good?  Good!

Us? Well, what can I say? I love summer. It’s the best … at least that’s what I said in May.

We’re busy.

Everyone’s good.

It’s kinda overwhelming, actually.

Maybe a little crazy? (Maybe I’m going a little crazy?)

Let me say this: there are a lot of DYNAMICS happening in our home this summer. A new, fourth child, who is 3 1/2 and has All The Opinions. A tween. And two boys, four years apart, neither of which know exactly how to interact with the other without using their fists and/or noises well placed under the other’s skin.

I’m learning how to manage it all. And I think I’ll get the hang of it just in time for summer to be over.

So, in the meantime, lest I forget, I wrote this essay on Coffee + Crumbs where I Take Back Everything I Said About Summer. 


(( Only 3 more weeks still school starts! ))

Sonya Spillmann

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