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Last week was our 9 year old well child visit. I’ve always loved these doctors appointments because, like an annual review, I get an update on how I’m doing my job and I get performance goals, so to speak, when our doctor tells us what to expect in the coming year.

I’m in love with our pediatrician, the way you love someone who tells you EVERYTHING you need to know, so you don’t mess it up. Like getting a good recipe from a great cook. There is always some room to improvise, but if you follow the general guideline, you’ll recognize what you get at the end.

At our appointment, our doctor told my daughter that MY job (as her mom) is: to teach her how to be an adult.

She went on to say how all adults, at some point in their lives, should learn to cook, clean, and be responsible for themselves.  (Did I mention how much I love our pediatrician?)

Then, she gave us this gem: There are some things only your mom can make. Some things that taste SO GOOD because she makes it like no one else. When you get older, you’ll want her food. But! You might not live close to your mom. So. Learn to cook her food now. If you learn from her, you’ll never be without it.

I love our pediatrician. May she never retire and may I always be able to remember to schedule my appointments in enough time to see her and not the other doctors. (No offense.)


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I’ve been thinking about posting recipes here, not to be some foodie queen, but to have a place to share a few favorite recipes. Things I’ve loved cooking, wanted encouragement to cook (of course you can make Creme Brulee!), and felt the connection with my own mom through making her food. Things I want my kids to make and think of me when they do it.

Till the day I die, I’ll stand by the fact that making food for and eating it with people is a way to communicate love. A communion of sorts.

Daughter, may we make many memories in the kitchen together. Or in the future, be no more than a phone call away to ask questions. And if not, then I’m glad you have these recipes. Enjoy, my love.


Necessary disclaimers:

  1. I cannot follow a recipe for the life of me. It’s a personality disorder.
  2. I have a few friends/family that are, by far, some of the most amazing home cooks I’ve ever met… I’m looking at you Heather and Mariana… so I do this without any intention of stepping on toes. XO.


Sonya Spillmann

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  1. I love this idea! I am actually going to a party tomorrow where this is served- they call it Frogmore Stew…
    Butcher paper on table, drinking out of mason jars- so fun!

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