A Prayer for the First Day of School

Dear Lord,


You are in charge of all things. You have picked these teachers and classmates and I know you have it all under control.


I want to thank you for my children and for this school and for their teachers and for this community.


Please protect them. Their bodies, their hearts, and their minds.


Please let this first day, week, month and entire year go well.


Please give me a nurturing heart, so I can show my kids just how much they are loved and missed. I wont miss their fighting and whining and eating and crying and spills and even more whining and all that eating. But I’ll miss their laughing and singing and chatter and questions and creativity and playing and the excuse to leave my house a mess and go to the pool for a few hours.


Help me to balance my sadness of sending them into school without me and the jubilation I feel in leaving them at school without me.


Forgive me for the nap I will take this afternoon in light of the lengthy “to-do when the kids go back to school” list I have been making since the very first day of summer.


Please let them have a friend, make a friend, and be a friend to another child in their class. Let a friendship bloom and grow and help me to not interfere when little kids act like little kids.


Forgive them for ignoring every word that came out of my mouth since mid-July and I pray they got every ounce of disobedience and sibling rivalry out of their systems over the summer so they can concentrate, be respectful, and be kind.


Comfort the hearts of those sending their babies to school for the first time today, when it feels like part of their soul has left their side. Give them the reassurance that in three weeks, they won’t even know how they ever did it. (But until then, wipe away their sweet tears.)


Please let my children’s stomachs quickly adjust from eating every 90 minutes for the last 10 weeks to having just one lunch at 1:30 in the afternoon.


Bless the teachers and help us parents to express our gratefulness and confidence in them. Help us to advocate well for our children and be as involved as we can, without stepping on toes or acting like we know better than the ones who are the actual professional educators and administrators.


Give us all Grace to communicate well.


Thank you for another year, another bit of time passing, another summer ending and another chapter starting. (Help me not to get too hung up of the fact that this also means I’m getting older.)


Please let the North Face and Uggs uniform stay in the middle school so I can continue buying clothes from Target and shoes from Costco.


Bless these children and keep them.

Sonya Spillmann


  1. I love the humor (Uggs and naps) scattered within what tugs. He listens to it all; which is nice because in these first few days of summer ending and school beginning, I FEEL it all. It all seems hefty.
    Thank you for this prayer.

    • Thank you LaTisha! (I wasn’t sure if people felt the same way, or how it would sound coming out as a prayer…) Thanks for reading and I’m glad you liked it.

  2. Thanks for sharing this prayer. I promise to uphold your precious children in prayer to our Heavenly Father, too.

  3. 4.30am and i am suffering from jet lag adjustment after a trip to Europe and visiting my mom….reading your post already so early make me START my day with huge smile…love it

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